Felix Chertok’s Dossier. An entrepreneur’s life philosophy


Felix Chertok’s Dossier. An entrepreneur’s life philosophy
Felix Chertok’s Dossier. An entrepreneur’s life philosophy

Felix Chertok Dossier. Life philosophy of an entrepreneur, which helps to develop one’s own business.

How to create a successful brand? How to make the right decision in a difficult situation? Why do some ideas work and others don’t? These and many other questions concern entrepreneurs every day, regardless of the country and business climate.

At trainings, you will be told that in order to start your business, you need to have money, or know where to borrow it, resources, time and courage. Perhaps they will also add something about looking for qualified personnel and the importance of broad knowledge in various sectors of the economy. Indeed, you can’t start a successful business without it.

Life principles that guide an entrepreneur can help make effective decisions and move forward with a purpose. In this article, we will talk about how Chertok Felix, a Ukrainian entrepreneur, manages to incorporate his own life views into entrepreneurial activities and how this helps him scale his business.

Felix Chertok’s Dossier. An entrepreneur’s life philosophy
Felix Chertok’s Dossier. An entrepreneur’s life philosophy

Who is Felix Chertok?

Felix Chertok is an entrepreneur, investor and strategist who creates conditions for the development of successful projects in Ukraine and abroad. Chertok Felix builds strong relationships with partners and maintains a culture of fair market competition.

Chertok Felix believes that a modern businessman shouldn’t be just a successful person, but a real leader who can lead people and teach them. The man managed to establish a goal for founding his own business — to build a socially responsible company that cares about the community.

How Felix Chertok got into business

The desire to build a successful business is a great goal, on the way to its development, every entrepreneur encounters many obstacles. However, Chertok Felix started his own business at the age of 16 — the man was engaged in the rental of video cassettes, which was an extremely promising direction in the market at that time.

Times were volatile then – everything changed quickly. And the entrepreneurs did not have any certainty about what will happen tomorrow. Today, a successful business could go bankrupt in just a few hours.


But Chertok Felix businesses managed to survive and develop thanks to the ideological beliefs of their founder. Building a business not for instant profit, Felix Chertok created a working business model.

In 1994, Chertok Felix has started operating in the wholesale trade of quality alcohol and food products. In four years, Felix Chertok finds partners for cooperation in the field of distribution, and this is the same year when Ukraine defaulted. But even this did not stop the entrepreneur from developing the company.

Later, Chertok Felix founded the “AV” Trading House. Now the company has more than 370 employees. Every year, TH “AV” company delivers more than 24 million bottles of various alcohol of consistently high quality to the market.

Felix Chertok’s Dossier. An entrepreneur’s life philosophy
Felix Chertok’s Dossier. An entrepreneur’s life philosophy

These are brands known in Ukraine and abroad:

  • Green Day;
  • Ukrainka;
  • Helsinki
  • Adjari;
  • Dovbush Carpathian;
  • Kosher Collection wines.

Felix Chertok’s life and work principles

Today, Felix Chertok has achieved great success in his field of operation.

Among the principles that Felix Chertok is guided by when creating business ideas is the correspondence of the idea to the interests of society and the absence of conflict with the law. A successful company or brand is created where there is a large-scale and interesting idea that inspires the owner and the team.

Felix Chertok has surrounded himself with a team of like-minded people who over the years have learned to create products that people like, people who are involved in the life of the community, and develop social initiatives. An entrepreneur as a leader inspires employees to continuous learning and development..

Felix Chertok’s Dossier. An entrepreneur’s life philosophy
Felix Chertok’s Dossier. An entrepreneur’s life philosophy

The businessman also determines the importance of each day-to-day step on the way to the implementation of large-scale ideas in business. To expect that one day all the stars will align, and you will launch a popular brand at once is presumptuous and even silly. In the market, and in life, there is never a “perfect” moment. People have to create it themselves.

That is why an entrepreneur must be able to work, especially with limited resources. Here, Felix Chertok defines time as the most important resource for a person. All other reserves can be obtained or restored, but time is impossible to get back.

Charity and developing ideas

Having several successful businesses, Felix Chertok does not forget about social projects that can improve the life of the community and help those in need. The entrepreneur helps to develop several projects:

  1. In 2010, Chertok Felix became the chairman of the board of trustees of the Dnipro Jewish community. Every year, more than 15,000 people and 30 institutions receive assistance.
  2. Since 2012, he has been in charge of the “Bait LeBanot” boarding house. Thanks to F. Chertok, the boarding house where orphan girls live was rebuilt, and now they have a decent life and the opportunity to get a quality education.
  3. “Beit Baruch” is a home for the elderly, currently home to about a hundred residents, half of whom are internally displaced persons affected by the war. Thanks to “Beit Baruch”, they have a roof over their heads, food, medical and psychological assistance.
  4. Assistance of the Armed Forces. Felix Chertok’s business Trading House “AV” has been supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Ukrainians since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. Employees who joined the ranks of the Armed Forces received the necessary ammunition at the expense of the company. The company also sends funds for equipment for the army and humanitarian aid every month.
  5. Chertok Felix invests resources in ideas that help society develop, supports educational initiatives.

In addition to charitable activities, Felix Chertok invests in useful and promising projects and already has several active businesses:

  • “BLITS” is a mobile trade program for distribution, helps systematize all information and analyze it, optimize business operations;
  • electronic document management program. Removes all bureaucracy and piles of paper documents — thus saving people’s time and freeing up resources for performing interesting and useful tasks;
  • Electronic tender for efficient procurement of goods and services, logistics. This solution helps to reduce the purchase prices of goods and services, provides transparency for the supplier company and the buyer company, reduces bureaucracy and builds an effective chain of interaction between the customer and the contractor.

These products are currently used by Felix Chertok‘s companies, and in the future they are planned to be presented on the market.

Business is not only about knowledge of economic terms, promising niches and risks. Successful businessmen have philosophies and principles that give purpose to their activities.

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