Lyrics, what are the types of Italian song


Everyone in the world loves music especially Italian lyrics. The difference lies in the genre of music like them. Music lyrics are important to understand and know the song well.

Lyrics, what are the types of Italian song? These testo (lyrics)are available on the internet today. The world of music today is much larger than it was a few years ago. Today it is almost impossible to list all niche music genres.

Lyrics, what are the types of Italian song

Lyrics, what are the types of Italian song
Lyrics, what are the types of Italian song

In Italy, we still listen to a lot of pop. 63% listen to Pop followed by rock and songwriting, while Trap and Hip Hop explode among the very young, scoring 53.2% in the 16-24 age group and Latin is growing (37, 6%).

  • Pop is one of the most commercial forms of music. The texts in the POP in particular are similar. It’s more about love, feelings, etc. Michael Jackson, Madonna, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Shakira, Elton John and Justin Timberlake are famous artists.
  • Rock and roll is a mixture of folk, country and blues music, as it appeared in the mid-1950s. A style created by musicians capable of performing both R&B and Western Swing, a popular style of country dance music. Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry are representatives of the most classic rock and roll.
  • Singer-songwriter contrasts with the song of entertainment and mass consumption, which is part of pop music, addressing more committed issues such as social and political. An example Claudio Sirigu Io da solo testo (lyrics)
  • Music ’60; An element that characterizes this musical genre is the substitution of the singer for the musical group made up of 4 or 5 elements. Among which we must absolutely mention the Beatles and the Rolling Stones who really made the history of this era. Examples: Whola lotta love dei The Zeppelin and Pretty Woman di Roy Orbison, Sognando la California dei Dik Dik, Mi sono innamorato di te di Luigi Tenco
  • Music ’80; The music of the 80s is represented by music legends who continue today to be great artists. For example, Saturday Night Fever by the Bee Gees, Hot Stuff by Donna Summer, I will survive by Gloria Gaynor and other myths of disco dance.
  • music ’90; Examples: Raf, Gigi D’Agostino, Eiffel 65, Gabry Ponte, Benny Benassi.
  • Soundtracks. A soundtrack, from a musical point of view, is vocal and instrumental music that is used in films and aims to enhance the emotions of the viewer. An example of this type of music is Eye of the Tiger from the Rocky Movie Collection.
  • Hip-hop developed in the late 1970s and was created in the slums of New York. 2Pac, Notorious BIG, Violators of the Verse, Eminem, 50Cent, Vanilla Ice, Wu-Tang Clan and Snoop Dogg are some of the representatives of rap.
  • The rap is an art form particularly characterized by singing. Most of the time there is just a simple rhythm, often produced electronically, under the chant. Here the text is in the foreground, not the music. The content is frequently based on crime and drugs.
  • Latin (Edm, electronic dance music); Examples: Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Rick Astley, Madonna e Cher.

How to find the meaning of a song?

Lyrics, what are the types of Italian song
Lyrics, what are the types of Italian song

You may be wondering where exactly you can get these words from. The question that arises here is: how do you know where to look? I have done extensive and thorough research to bring you the best song lyrics sites on the internet. Pesnihi can provide the lyrics to any song in the world. Just enter the song title or related keyword and search.

  • The web page has a simple and good interface which makes it very good and user-friendly.
  • It has a huge collection of free lyrics.
  • It has an option to search alphabetically for the best lyrics.

The lyrics are grouped by artist, genres, trends, etc. at all times, the famous top which makes it simple for users to call them in case they don’t know the name of the song properly.

Steps to use it

  1. Click on the link given above to open the web page.
  2. Enter the keyword or song name in the search bar and click ‘Search’.
  3. Search lyrics: New, Popular, Favorite
  4. Search by first letter of artist or Top Singers
  5. Once you click on the link, you will be shown a web page with the lyrics of the song.

The home page displays popular artists and lyrics in the right sidebar. The site helps you keep up with the latest trends as you find lyrics for specific songs and Top Singers. You can discover new music and artists on the home page, as the page showcases a variety of popular songs, artists, and albums.

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